Numerate & Takeda to use AI driven drug discovery

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Credit: any_keen

As part of a multi-year agreement with Takeda, computational drug design company Numerate will identify and deliver multiple clinical candidates.

It will drive discovery programs aimed at identifying clinical candidates for use in Takeda’s core therapeutic areas: oncology, gastroenterology, and central nervous system disorders.

The projects will rely on Numerate leveraging its AI-driven platform, from hit finding and expansion through lead design/optimisation and ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion)/toxicity modelling.

Guido Lanza, President and CEO of Numerate, said: “We expect to produce multiple clinical candidates, while also continuing to refine, validate and expand our proprietary AI-driven platform as we work across a broad range of target types and drug design challenges.”

Financial terms of the current agreement were not disclosed, but include a combination of milestone payments and royalties that reflect the value of the clinical candidates being delivered.