Unisys launch software platform to bolster pharma supply chain

Unisys launch software platform to bolster pharma supply chain

Unisys Co​rporation has launched new software combining security, advanced data analytics and compliance technology in a single, unified platform to help life sciences and healthcare companies combat theft and counterfeit drugs.

This latest addition to the Unisys ActiveInsights suite arose from an overlap of industry needs between life sciences & healthcare, and travel & transportation.

“When we started​ talking to people involved in pharmaceutical supply chain management, we quickly realized that Unisys already had developed the technologies in other industries required to address longstanding problems in pharmaceuticals,” said Jeff R. Livingstone, PhD, Vice President and Global Head, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Unisys.

He added: “We then started right away to work with the Unisys Travel & Transportation group and other teams to successfully adapt their technologies for our Life Sciences clients.”

According to the World Health Organization, dangerous counterfeit drugs make up more than 10% of the drug market worldwide.

In addition, supply chain theft and materials erroneously compromised by poor environmental quality controls can cost manufacturers billions of dollars annually and likewise put their patients at risk.

PharmaTrack helps secure the supply chain by leveraging Unisys’ cross-platform analytics to identify and pre-empt fraudulent activity, issuing immediate alerts when product authentication fails.

The platform also enables track-and-trace capabilities so companies can verify product shipping information, monitor temperature issues and other environmental factors affecting drug viability and flag potentially counterfeit product at any point in the supply chain.

All data tracked and transmitted through PharmaTrack is protected by Unisys Stealth micro-segmentation security software, preventing unauthorized access while maintaining the confidentiality of shipping contents.

Kelly Cook, vice president and global head, Commercial Sector, Unisys, said: “Because the primary mission of health care stakeholders is to ensure patient safety and protect patient health, it is critical for them to be able to verify authenticity and integrity of drugs anywhere within their supply chains. This new offering by Unisys now makes this possible.”