ABPI respond to MHRA’s update for pharma navigating Brexit

Pharma reacts to Brexit vote delay
Credit: Shutterstock.com/ cbies

The ABPI has emphasised the importance of patient and public health as the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) publishes an update to pharma companies on preparing for Brexit.

In December 2017 the European Council formally agreed sufficient progress had been made in the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union to move onto the second stage of negotiations.

As the industry prepares for Brexit, MHRA has published an update to pharmaceutical companies on exit preparations.

The ABPI – the trade group representing the pharmaceutical industry in the UK – has responded to the MHRA’s statement reiterating the importance of getting Brexit right:

“Today’s statement from the MHRA is a welcome update for companies who are already actively making plans and taking decisions in advance of the UK’s departure from the EU.

“We share the MHRA and the Government’s ambition for patients in the UK and EU to have continued access to best and most innovative medicines through a close working relationship with Europe, underpinned by the strongest regulatory framework and the sharing of data.

“This is an outcome we shall continue to work towards – yet, if such cooperation is unable to be agreed we welcome the MHRA’s intent to take a pragmatic approach. Planning for this scenario does, however, require further detail, and further highlights why a realistic implementation period needs to be urgently agreed.

“For patients and the public there are very real consequences of failing to get this right, and we will continue to work with our members, regulators, governments and the Commission to mitigate these risks.

“The complex issues surrounding medicines regulation and supply chain need to be front and centre in the second phase of talks.”