Adents launches blockchain-powered Verification Router Service for pharma makers

New collaboration to integrate blockchain into clinical trials
Credit: whiteMocca

Adents is launching a Verification Router Service for pharmaceutical manufactuers and disburtors powered by a new blockchain technology platform.

Developed in collaboration with Microsoft, the blockchain-based Adents NovaTrack has led to the introduction of a seamless Adents Verification Router Service Solution per upcoming US pharmaceuticals serialisation requirements.

A Verification Router Service – or VRS – is one of a series of milestone requirements that will come into play during the next phase of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act.

Beginning in late November 2019, no returned serialised product may be resold until the wholesale distributor verifies that product’s unique identifiers, including the SNI for each sealed homogeneous case or package.

A VRS is an interoperable solution used to manage the acceptance, formatting and delivery of requests and responses to support these DSCSA verification requirements, as well as other business requirements defined between trading partners.

Some 60 million pharmaceutical saleable product returns occur each year in the US market. This year, the establishment of shared standards for sales stream reintegration has become vital for the pharmaceutical industry.

Essentially, a VRS allows companies to verify products by entering the four product identifier elements – GTIN, serial number, lot and expiry – into a request, which is then forwarded, via the lookup directory, to the appropriate manufacturer repository.

Next, a response is generated from the manufacturer’s repository and routed back to the requestor, detailing whether the product is verified — and whether it can be returned to saleable inventory.

It is against this landscape that, through Adents NovaTrack, the new Adents VRS Solution will excel, not only due to its Blockchain-based functionality but also differentiators within this Blockchain niche.

First and foremost, unlike competing Blockchain-based solutions, Adents NovaTrack is entirely agnostic, making it compatible with any Level 4 (enterprise level) serialisation solution.