Agreement brings AbSci platform together with Sanofi molecules

Synlogic & Ginkgo accelerating novel Synthetic Biotic medicines
Credit: Alexander Raths

A new collaboration agreement will see AbSci apply its breakthrough E.coli manufacturing platform and its novel optimisation assay system to two of Sanofi’s biotherapeutic molecules.

SoluPro, AbSci’s propriety tech platform, is designed with the ability to rapidly achieve optimised, scalable, high-quality, high-titer production of any class of biotherapeutic molecule – including traditionally difficult to manufacture molecules and next-generation scaffolds.

“It is exciting to partner with a renowned company like Sanofi,” said Sean McClain, CEO of AbSci.

“This collaboration illustrates the need for new expression technologies that are capable of producing these next-generation antibody and protein scaffolds. We’ve shown SoluPro can uniquely deliver on this industry need.”

The collaboration will take place at AbSci and be funded by Sanofi.