BioNTech acquires Neon to strengthen position in T cell therapies

BioNTech acquires Neon to strengthen position in T cell therapies
Credit: fusebulb

BioNTech is strengthening its position in T cell therapies with the $67 million acquisition of Massachusetts-based cell therapy start-up, Neon Therapeutics.

Once the all-stock deal closes, the start-up will operate as a subsidiary of BioNTech.

“This acquisition fits with our strategy to expand our capabilities and build our presence in the US and further strengthens our immunotherapy pipeline,” said Ugur Sahin, Co-founder and CEO of BioNTech.

“I am particularly excited about the adoptive T cell and neoantigen TCR therapies being developed by Neon, which are complementary to our pipeline and our focus on solid tumours.”

Neon’s most advanced program is NEO-PTC-01, a personalised neoantigen-targeted T cell therapy candidate consisting of multiple T cell populations targeting the most therapeutically relevant neoantigens from each patient’s tumour.

Neon is also advancing a precision T cell therapy program targeting shared neoantigens in genetically defined patient populations.

The lead programme from this approach, NEO-STC-01, is a T cell therapy candidate targeting shared RAS neoantigens. In addition, Neon has assembled libraries of high-quality TCRs against various shared neoantigens across common HLAs.