BMS & BioMotiv launch new inflammatory diseases focussed biotech company

Credit: the goatman

Bristol-Myers Squibb and drug development accelerator, BioMotiv, have launched Anteros Pharmaceuticals, a new biotech focussed on the development a new class of drugs for fibrotic and other inflammatory diseases.

The intellectual property behind Anteros was first developed by Yale University and in-licensed by Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) and subsequently assigned to Anteros.

This is the first company BioMotiv and BMS have launched since executing their Strategic Partnership Agreement in September 2019.

The partnership will see BMS contribute the IP, data, and reagents for a series of small molecules against an undisclosed mechanism, and BioMotiv – through the formation of Anteros Pharmaceuticals, working in close partnership with Yale – will be solely responsible for R&D.

Once Anteros nominates a pre-clinical candidate, BMS has the option to acquire the company from BioMotiv under pre-agreed terms.

“Anteros Pharmaceuticals is the first of several companies that BioMotiv and Bristol-Myers Squibb intend to form under the Strategic Partnership Agreement,” said Satish Jindal, BioMotiv’s CEO.

“Anteros will focus on refining a new class of drug candidates for inflammatory diseases, where currently there are no real answers to multiple diseases that afflict millions of patients.

“Our broader mission is to translate novel discoveries into breakthrough therapies for patients in need, forming companies such as Anteros to achieve this goal.”


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