Britain’s pharma sector given £1bn boost

Evox raises £35.5m to advance exosome therapeutics pipeline
Credit: Jevanto Productions

Despite the loss of the European Medicines Agency, the UK’s pharmaceutical sector has been given a much needed boost after two major companies revealed more than £1 billion of investment.

These lauded investments are a boon for Prime Minister Theresa May’s vision of a flourishing and attractive Britain post-Brexit.

Indeed, the investments from Germany’s Qiagen and MSD – known as Merck in the US – arrived as ministers publish the nation’s latest industrial strategy.

MSD plans to establish a UK Discovery Centre in London where it anticipates 150 research roles will be established with the aim of attracting the “brightest and best” research scientists to London.

It will also accommodate some 800 additional staff for the UK domestic market and other European clinical functions currently based in the company’s Hoddessdon HQ.

Qiagen, meanwhile, is believed to be investing hundreds of millions of pounds in order to establish a campus in Manchester. Here it will work on genomics and potentially create up to 800 jobs.