Citoxlab snaps-up Solvo Biotechnology for undisclosed amount

Citoxlab snaps-up Solvo Biotechnology for undisclosed amount
Credit: pressmaster

Citoxlab Group, a provider of pre-clinical services to contract research organisations (CRO), is acquiring CRO Solvo Biotechnology for an undisclosed amount.

Founded in 1999, Solvo Biotechnology is a major player in the drug transporter research field. Which is rapidly growing as the investigation of the transport mechanisms becomes pivotal for drug development.

Alongside metabolism data, a thorough knowledge of the drug candidates’ transport is key to identifying potential DDI, in addition to developing an understanding of their pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and safety profile.

Transporter studies are a regulatory requirement for entering large clinical trials and then requesting a marketing authorization from health regulatory agencies.

The acquisition will see Citoxlab reinforce its position in the non-clinical CRO field, with consolidated sales of $167 million and a staff of 1,300, spread over nine sites – including France, Canada and the US.

Jean-Francois Le Bigot, President and CEO of Citoxlab Group, said: “The acquisition of Solvo Biotechnology will allow us to offer the most elaborated in vitro Drug Metabolism and PharmacoKinetics (DMPK) services to our customers.”