Clinical trials platform Teckro adds new software products

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Clinical trials platform Teckro has added two new software products in its mission to transform the industry’s efficiency and make trials more transparent for doctors, researchers and patients.

The company uses machine-learning technology to transform clinical trial protocols from static documents into actionable data for research staff, monitors and sponsors. Intuitive and simple, 91% of registered users are regularly active on the platform.

Now researchers responsible for testing new medical treatments on patients around the world can receive up-to-date study information and provide feedback to improve performance with the addition of Teckro Engage and Teckro Survey.

The new functionality will build on the Teckro Search product to accelerate the speed and precision by which clinical research stakeholders can locate and distribute the right information found in current, approved documents, as well as monitor engagement and trial conduct.

CEO Gary Hughes said: “Teckro brings simplicity to the complexity of clinical trials. The high adoption and extremely positive user feedback are unheard of for typical software companies.”

With more than 12,000 research sites using the platform, Teckro holds a vast amount of valuable insight across clinical studies around the world. That volume of data will help transform what has – until now – been a painstakingly slow clinical research process, into one that is effective for every stakeholder.