Clinigen acquires global rights to Imukin from Horizon

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Credit: holbox

Clinigen Group has acquired the global rights to Imukin from Horizon Pharma for an undisclosed amount.

Licensed in 19 countries, Imukin reduces the frequency of serious infections in patients with Chronic Granulomatous Disease and for the treatment of Severe Malignant Osteopetrosis.

Clinigen will revitalise Imukin by working with healthcare professionals to ensure its benefits to patients are well understood.

The Group said it will also make the medicine available to those who need it through the Group’s global distribution network for both licensed and unlicensed supply.

This is the second global acquisition of a biologic by Clinigen following the acquisition of the global rights (outside the US) of Proleukin from Novartis earlier this month.

Shaun Chilton, Clinigen CEO, said: “Imukin strengthens our commercial offering and represents a good strategic fit with our medicines portfolio growth strategy focused on products in oncology and rare diseases.”