Clinigen extends Accord Healthcare agreement

Recro extends license and supply agreement with Teva
Credit: r.classen

Clinigen has extended its exclusive European clinical trial supply agreement with Accord Healthcare via its Clinical Trial Service (CTS) business.

According to a company press release, Clinigen is also offering pharma companies an ‘on demand’ service to Accord’s products.

The two companies have been partnered since 2012 to deliver oncology Injectable Products, including carboplatin, cisplatin and paclitaxel, into clinical trials.

The extended agreement now covers Accord’s European Solid Dose Products, including those in the central nervous system, autoimmune, diabetes and anti-viral therapy areas.

Clinigen said this is the first type of dedicated service providing instant access to products solely for clinical trials in the industry and directly tackles the constant timeline and flexibility challenges experienced when running clinical trials.

Group CEO Shaun Chilton added: “This extended agreement builds on the strong partnership we have with Accord in providing access to its medicines for use in clinical trials.

“The launch of our ‘on demand’ offering demonstrates the ability we have across the Group and the specialisms we have in the supply and distribution of medicines. These capabilities enable us to provide the best possible service to those running clinical trials.”

Phill Semmens, Senior Vice President Commercial, Accord Healthcare, EMENA, said: “The scope of this partnership is a first for the industry, allowing us to ensure that our products are available as comparators in a variety of vital clinical trials, helping to further medical knowledge and the identification of new treatment options to improve patient care.”