Covid-19 vaccine ‘a year away’, says GlobalData

Credit: creativeneko

It will probably take at least a year for a Corvid-19 vaccine to be approved and made available to patients, says GlobalData.

Allie Nawrat, the company’s Senior Medical Reporter, said that “experts are clear that it will take at least a year for a vaccine to be developed against Covid-19; this situation is not helped by the likelihood that the virus has already mutated into two strains.

“One of the leaders in vaccine development for this current outbreak is the Norwegian Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).

“Since the outbreak first started spreading globally in January, CEPI has funded multiple vaccine candidates from biotech firms, pharma companies and university labs; importantly, the innovations CEPI supports are those that not only intend to produce a vaccine against this novel virus, but involve pioneering technologies that can speed up the development of vaccines in future outbreaks.

“One example is CEPI’s partnership with US-based Moderna; this biotech leverages mRNA technology and its Covid-19 vaccine is encoded for a pre-fusion stabilised form of the Spike S protein. At the end of February, Moderna announced it had shipped its novel vaccine against Covid-19 for Phase I testing.”

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel said: “We believe our mRNA vaccine technology offers potential advantages in the speed of development and production scalability, which positions Moderna to potentially develop a vaccine against coronavirus, 2019-nCoV [Covid-19].”


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