Emergex raise $11m to progress set-point vaccines for infectious disease

Credit: Shutterstock.com/ Lemau Studio

A UK biotech has raised more than $11 million in Series A funding to progress its pipeline of set-point vaccines for infectious diseases.

The funding round into Emergex was led by early stage venture capital company, Vickers Venture Partners. Finian Tan, Chairman of Vickers, will now join the Energex board as Non-Executive Director.

Founded in 2016, Emergex focuses on developing vaccines that prevent virulent diseases such as Zika, Dengue Fever, Ebola and even pandemic Flu.

The company’s set-point vaccines deliver experimentally-derived pathogen peptide data via quantum-sized nanoclusters to prime the immune system to recognise subsequent infections, mimicking natural infection and preventing severe manifestation of the disease.

Its underlying platform technology enables rapid development of vaccines to entire families of pathogens, compared to traditional approaches that can take years to develop and scale vaccines for single pathogens.

As purely synthetic vaccines with no biological components, Emergex’s claim its vaccines are much safer as they carry no infection risk from live attenuated pathogens; are much cheaper to produce since they do not require culturing; and can be conveniently transported and administered even in remote parts of the world as they can be stored and handled at room temperature.

The financing supports the progress of the company’s development pipeline, including a first-in-man Phase 1 clinical trial of its Flavivirus (Dengue) vaccine in Switzerland, as well as Phase 1b clinical trials in the endemic regions of Singapore and Brazil.

Proceeds will also support the Universal Influenza and Filovirus programmes through the preclinical stages and early clinical trials.

In parallel, Emergex will continue to identify peptide libraries for a range of infectious disease indications to further expand and diversify the Company’s development pipeline.