Evotec & Vifor Pharma to develop novel nephrology therapeutics

Evotec & Vifor Pharma to develop novel nephrology therapeutics
Credit: Shuttrstock.com/ crystal light

Evotec and Vifor Pharma are creating a new joint venture focussed on the discovery and development of novel nephrology therapeutics.

The joint venture will focus on the discovery of nephrology therapeutics by analysing the clinical data provided by Evotec that is mining a unique UK kidney biobank, NURTuRE, in order to identify new targets for renal therapies, and sharpen existing product profiles of an innovative pipeline.

Evotec will focus on applying its drug discovery & development capabilities and will leverage Vifor Pharma’s proven commercial platform to create a robust pipeline of nephrology programmes.

Upon completion of clinical trials for drugs in the newly-created, jointly-owned pipeline, products will be out-licensed to Vifor Pharma for registration and commercialisation to further expand Vifor Pharma Group’s strong nephrology pipeline.

Initial funding of €25 million for pre-clinical development will be covered by Vifor Pharma so that multiple targets or candidates can be moved forward simultaneously.

The use of Evotec’s proprietary PanHunter bioinformatics platform, combined with high-quality data sets from thousands of human kidney disease patients will lead to the discovery of a number of promising therapeutic options in the kidney disease space.

The clinical and commercial costs for any successful compounds are anticipated to be shared equally by both companies, with opt-out rights at each stage based on a predetermined profit share arrangement.