FDA approves flu vaccine for adults 65 years and older

Credit: Shutterstock.com/ Lemau Studio

The first adjuvanted quadrivalent influenza vaccine has been approved to help protect adults 65 years and older against seasonal influenza.

Fluad Quadrivalent (aQIV) utilises the same MF59 adjuvant technology as Fluad (aTIV), designed to create a strong, broad and durable immune response.

However, it contains an additional strain which has an extensive clinical legacy, with 114+ million doses distributed and licensure in 29 countries since it was first approved in 1997.

FDA approval was granted to Seqirus, the flu prevention and pandemic response specialist, who earlier this month secured US approval for Audenz.

Audenz is the first-ever adjuvanted, cell-based influenza vaccine designed to protect against influenza A in the event of a pandemic.

“The burden of seasonal influenza among adults 65 and older, remains an important public health concern,” said Gregg Sylvester, Chief Medical Officer at Seqirus.

“At Seqirus, we’re committed to developing advanced technologies and vaccines designed to address unmet needs, especially in vulnerable populations, such as adults 65 years and older.”

To read our interview with Russel Basser, Chief Scientist and Senior Vice President od R&D at Seqirus, click here.


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