Fujifilm merges companies into new drug focussed division

UK research organisations combine to advance human-based drug evaluation
Credit: Shutterstock.com/ Alexander Raths

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation is planning to merge several of its companies into one, forming a new division focussed on the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic drugs.

The new company, FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical, will collaborate with FUJIFILM Corporation, which conducts research on new drugs, to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals and therapeutic drugs with unique mechanisms of action in the fields of oncology, central nervous system diseases, and infectious diseases.

The company will also promote the further development of drug delivery system technologies that deliver the required amount of a drug to the specific area of the body on the necessary schedule. Its liposome preparation technologies and micro-needle array will be applied not only to existing drugs, but expanding to promising next-generation drugs such as nucleic acid drugs and gene therapy drugs.

The company will promote the efficient clinical development of therapeutic drugs in combination with diagnostics, increasing the accuracy and speed of the introduction of new therapies. In addition, by utilizing Fujifilm’s in vitro diagnostic devices and reagents as well as its diagnostic drugs, the company will expand its offering of comprehensive solutions from “diagnosis” to “treatment.”