ImmunoPrecise signs antibody development agreement with top 15 pharma company

Cellltrion & iProgen Biotech to develop series of novel ADCs
Credit: Pressmaster

ImmunoPrecise Antibodies has signed an antibody development program with an undisclosed, top 15, global pharma company, to discover novel antibodies using its proprietary hybridoma technology.

The hybridoma platform allows for the selection of rare and slow-growing, IgG positive, monoclonal hybridomas in a semi-solid media format.

Coupled with proprietary and abbreviated immunisation regimes, the ability to sort cells and characterise and optimise lead candidates, ImmunoPrecise’s platform allows for streamlined processes, condensed timelines, and the early identification of developability issues, mitigating the risk of significant losses in time and money.

Under this multi-year development agreement, this global pharmaceutical company receives contract research services using ImmunoPrecise’s methods of discovering and developing antibodies in OmniAb transgenic animals, and intellectual property rights to develop and commercialize any resulting therapeutics.

The Agreement stipulates certain confidential provisions, including, at this stage, the pharmaceutical company’s identity, target and the monetary size of contract.