Inhibrx developing CAR T Cell immunotherapies with bluebird bio

bluebird bio secures EU approval for innovative gene therapy
Credit: Syda Productions

Inhibrix plans to use its single domain antibody (sdAb) platform to research, develop and commercialise CAR T cell therapies alongside bluebird bio.

The small size of sdAbs may enable the generation of more complex CAR T cell products such as those designed to combine additional functions into a single CAR molecule or recognise multiple tumour antigens simultaneously.

“Access to the Inhibrx sdAb binder technology will allow us to combine the advancements we’ve made with our T cell therapy platform with their sdAb binder technology to generate novel cellular therapies with the potential to help patients in their fight against cancer,” said Philip Gregory, D. Phil., Chief Scientific Officer at bluebird bio.

“The technology from Inhibrx adds to our growing portfolio of tools and technologies that we can combine with our internal lentiviral vector, CAR and T cell expertise to discover potential new product candidates designed to recognise tumour-specific proteins expressed by cancer cells and kill them upon engagement.”

The collaboration will see Inhibrx provide bluebird bio the exclusive worldwide rights to develop, manufacture and commercialise certain cell therapy products containing sdAbs directed to various cancer targets.

bluebird bio will be responsible for the clinical development and commercialisation of the cancer-targeting CAR-T products.

Inhibrx received a $7 million upfront payment and is also entitled to receive specified developmental milestone payments as well as percentage tiered royalties on future product sales.