Keen Eye & Iris Pharma using AI in ophthalmology studies

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Credit: Pressmaster

French tech company Keen Eye has partnered with Iris Pharma, an ophthalmology-focused contract research organisation, to make assays faster, more reliable and more efficient using artificial intelligence.

Sylvain Berlemont, Founder & CEO of Keen Eye, said: “We are very happy to team up and bring our expertise in computer vision to Iris Pharma. Through this partnership, we are expecting to contribute to the most challenging image-based assays to better fight eye diseases.”

Yann Quentric, President of Iris Pharma, added: “The advanced AI technology of Keen Eye allows us to optimize the performance of the bioimaging analysis during the preclinical ophthalmic drug development, and in the future for clinical development.

“Their solution is faster than classical methods, robust and reliable, erasing inter-individual variability, improving Iris Pharma and its customers ability to develop ocular innovative products.”