Lilly launching two new lower-priced insulins

Lilly launching two new lower-priced insulins
Credit: Montri Thipsorn

Eli Lilly is introducing two lower-price insulins in the US following earlier efforts and encouragement from policymakers.

Its new lower-priced insulins will have 50% lower list prices compared to the branded versions. Both will be available in mid-April, the company said.

With these new options, more than 90% of people using a Humalog formulation will have access to a lower-priced version that may reduce their out-of-pocket costs, the company said.

This follows the company’s earlier efforts to launch lower-priced insulins to market. In May 2019, the company launched Insulin Lispro at a 50% lower list price.

Today, Lispro can be ordered at any US pharmacy. The company said it has “started negotiations” with wholesalers and payers to make these two new lower-priced insulins available too.


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