Merck & Pfizer join Corning on modernising glass packaging

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Credit: holbox

Merck, Pfizer and Corning are working to modernise pharmaceutical packaging with the launch of a new glass storage package.

Corning Valor Glass enhances the storage and delivery of modern drug formulations and provides more reliable access to medicines essential to public health.

Deep pharmaceutical formulation and manufacturing process insights from Merck and Pfizer, in combination with Corning’s glass science and precision forming capabilities, helped deliver an exceptional glass packaging solution for injectable drugs in vials and cartridges.

Corning Valor Glass packaging offers chemical durability, strength and damage resistance.

These qualities enable increased throughput and more reliable access to state-of-the-art medicines for patients, while maintaining a high level of quality assurance for pharmaceutical companies.

Corning is making an initial investment of $500 million and creating 1,000 new US jobs as the first part of a planned investment of $4 billion and 4,000 new high-tech jobs.