Novartis & BDI applying cutting edge tech to clinical trials, drug development

Big Data Institute

Novartis has partnered with the University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute (BDI) to explore the benefits of data science and artificial intelligence and transform clinical trials and drug development.

The five-year alliance will advance the analysis and interpretation of ultra large and multiple datasets, using artificial intelligence to provide insights into complex diseases.

Cutting edge technologies – such as AI machine learning and advanced analytics – can identify patterns, in ultra large datasets and across multiple datasets and different types of data, that humans cannot.

By increasing the capabilities of spotting patterns and detecting commonalities across different diseases, predictions can be made on how patients will respond to new and existing medicines earlier than is currently possible.

A statement from Novartis said: “Our alliance with the BDI will make use of anonymised data from approximately 5 million patients from the UK and international partner organisations, together with anonymised data captured from relevant Novartis clinical trials.

WWe hope that the combination of our clinical expertise with the BDI’s statistical machine learning technology and experience in statistical analysis will transform the scale and efficiency of clinical research at an unprecedented rate.

“We expect this to result in a better understanding of human disease and the possible routes for improved interventions that will bring benefits to patients.”

Initially, the alliance will focus on two flagship programs aiming to gain scientific insights in multiple sclerosis, dermatology and rheumatology.

By using advanced AI technology to analyse different types of data, the companies hope to improve their understanding of the development and progression of complex diseases like psoriasis and MS.