Online pharmacy joins blockchain platform for tracing prescriptions

Online pharmacy joins blockchain platform for tracing prescriptions
Credit: Federico Marsicano

Online pharmacy, My Net Doctor, has signed up to implement the framework blockchain solution developed by Nottingham’s MediConnect for tracing prescriptions.

As a fast-growing online pharmacy, My Net Doctor currently has a userbase of over 10,000, issues approximately 1,000 prescriptions a month and registers around 80 new patients to its website every day.

It joins UK Meds, another online pharmacy partner currently being integrated into the Proof-of-Concept (“PoC”) platform, to extend the reach of MediConnect to over 210,000 patients.

My Net Doctor will now also be integrated into the MediConnect PoC platform ahead of the launch of a pilot scheme in 2020 with up to 10 online pharmacies in total.

As online pharmacies face heightened scrutiny around the over-prescription of medication, MediConnect’s blockchain platform has been designed to trace medication all the way through the supply chain from the point at which it is manufactured to its prescription by medical professionals and purchase by patients.

MediConnect’s private, permissioned distributed ledger will store confidential customer prescription data and provenance data for medicines, which will prevent the misuse and overprescribing of prescription drugs, whilst a public blockchain will be used to transact value using MEDI tokens.

Genevieve Boateng, Director of My Net Doctor, said: “As an online pharmacy, we understand the importance of protecting our patients’ safety and ensuring they are prescribed the correct medication in the right amount.

“We have been extremely impressed with demonstrations of MediConnect’s blockchain solution and look forward to working with them to improve the security and transparency of our processes.”

Dexter Blackstock, CEO of MediConnect, added: “The addition of My Net Doctor to the MediConnect platform is another significant endorsement from the pharmaceutical world for our blockchain solution.”

He added: “We have now started to onboard online pharmacies onto our Proof-of-Concept platform and continue to make great progress ahead of our pilot next year.”


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