Peli BioThermal joins pharma-focussed sea freight model

Container choices reduce risk and cost for temp-sensitive pharma shipments
Credit: ESB Professional

Temperature controlled packaging specialist, Peli BioThermal, has joined Poseidon Sea Freight Program as a founding member.

Poseidon is a sea freight model acknowledging and supporting the intimate interconnection of the entire pharma-logistics supply chain in order to better ensure the safe and secure transportation of health-giving and life-saving pharmaceutical products.

Peli BioThermal is one of a handful of industry leaders picked to join the newly launched sea-freight program. Poseidon is focused on improving collaboration and integration between pharmaceutical manufacturers and their logistics solution providers.

“The pharmaceutical industry, as a whole, is looking to sea freight for a carbon-friendly, efficient use of fuels,” said Peli BioThermal Director of worldwide marketing, Adam Tetz.

“Joining Poseidon allows us to work together with industry leaders to outline how ocean transport can best be utilised to improve the efficiency of that channel for the pharmaceutical supply chain.”

Poseidon provides a sea-freight GDP compliant model, aimed at ensuring the safe and secure transportation of pharmaceutical products throughout the entire pharma-logistics supply chain.

The program focuses on an ocean-going approach to temperature controlled pharmaceutical transportation, which offers low transportation costs, minimal environmental impact and minimised temperature excursions during long-haul logistics.