PeptiDream & PharmaIN exploring peptide delivery combination

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Credit: science photo

Japanese biopharma PeptiDream has partnered with Seattle-based PharmaIN to combine its peptide discovery and development programmes with the latter’s drug carrier and delivery technology.

The strategic partnership will investigate the use of PharmaIN’s propriety Protected Graft Co-Polymer (PGC) technology in combination with PeptiDream’s peptide programmes.

The PGC technology is a PEG-based excipient that reversibly binds the therapeutic peptide and unlike PEGylation or other peptide PK extending technologies, does not require the peptide to be modified in anyway.

This therefore fully preserving the potency, function, and mobility of the therapeutic peptide payload.

It also offers a number of other potentially significant advantages in that it can improve the solubility of the peptide payload, protects the peptide payload from degradation, thereby increasing stability, and acts to slowly releases the peptide payload resulting in a significantly longer circulation half-life.

Under the partnership, PeptiDream will have the ability to broadly use PharmaIN’s PGC technology across its discovery programs to formulate applicable therapeutic peptides with PGC and evaluate in vivo the drug carrier/delivery benefits.

Clinical development and commercialisation of any peptide employing PharmaIN’s PGC technology would require a specific development and commercialisation license.