Pharma reacts to Brexit vote delay

Pharma reacts to Brexit vote delay
Credit: cbies

British Prime Minister Theresa May has this week called of a crucial vote on her Brexit deal, sparking concerns of a no-deal future across the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Nathalie Moll, Director General of European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations EFPIA, said: “While for most sectors the issues are primarily economic, for the healthcare sector the primary concerns are patient safety and public health.

“A disorderly exit from the EU by the UK has very real and tangible consequences for patient safety and public health in both the UK and across Europe. We hope that politicians in the UK take this into consideration when the vote occurs.”

She added: “Our hope is that a deal is agreed and then immediate and intense focus is given to regulation and supply of medicines in the post-Brexit relationship.

“We, along with many others in the healthcare community and across the life sciences sector, believe that an explicit commitment to securing long-term, extensive cooperation around the regulation of medicines and medical technologies is in the best interests of patients and public health.”

Mike Thompson, Chief Executive of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), said: “The focus of pharmaceutical companies is on making sure that medicines and vaccines get to patients whatever the Brexit outcome.

“We are working as closely as possible with Government on ‘no deal’ planning and continue to look for further guidance on how medicines will be prioritised as new supply routes are put in place.

“But we reiterate that a ‘no deal’ Brexit would present very serious challenges and this must be avoided.  Politicians need to find a way through the current impasse and reassure patients that medicines will not be delayed or disrupted come March 2019.”