Phillips making waves as digital healthcare provider

Phillips is making waves in combining healthcare and digital communications, in order to provide patients with quality and tailored solutions.

Recent months have seen Phillips chalk up several impressive launches and accolades as it moves further into providing digital solutions for healthcare. Earlier this month saw the company open its first co-creation centre to support care organisations with the transformation to new models for connected health care enabled by digital technologies.

Earlier still was the news that the company had introduced personal health programmes, which included a combination of connected health measurement devices, app-based health programmes and cloud based data analysis. This is evidence of the innumerable possibilities afforded by digital technology, especially in conjuncture with healthcare. But most recently, the company has partnered up with Netherlands-based Radboud university medical center to introduce a diabetes prototype app with integrated online community to empower patients and enhance continuity of care.

The prototype enables people living with their diabetes and their health care provides make more confident care decisions while managing the complexity of diabetes self-care. In its first phase, the solution both originations are developing will focus primarily on patients living with type 1 diabetes.

The system, consisting on a mobile patient app and online community, is the first to collect and connect data from electronic medical records, multiple personal health devices – including wireless glucose meters and activity monitors – and patient self-reported data.

Via a smartphone of tablet device, the app gives patients continuous access to important parameters such as blood glucose levels, insulin use, and nutrition and provides coaching guidance at home and on the go. The secure online community is where enrolled patients and healthcare professionals can interact via private messaging or shared posts within a healthcare organisation’s clinical guidelines. In this way, patients can get feedback from their care team using combined data and can easily share experiences with fellow patients, clinicians and caregivers.

Photo credit: Phillips