PredictImmune secures £100k to advance biomarker-based tech

Takeda launches new gastrointestinal-focussed biopharma
Credit: Sebastian Kaulitzki

PredictImmune has secured a £100,000 grant from Innovate UK to apply its biomarker-based technology towards the prediction of drug response in inflammatory bowel (IBD).

PredictImmune is focussed on the development of predictive tools to enable the delivery of personalised medicine for immune-mediated diseases.

Whilst these common, debilitating diseases are highly heterogenous in both disease course and outcome, the lack of predictive tools means that all patients are treated with a “one size fits all” standard of care, resulting in sub-optimal treatment for many patients.

PredictImmune’s first product, PredictSURE IBD, which will launch in January 2019, will enable the stratification of IBD patients at the point of diagnosis, based on their risk of relapse.

The test will allow the use of more aggressive treatments to be focussed on those patients at the greatest risk of aggressive disease; focussing on the optimal use of existing treatments to improve patient outcomes.

The grant from Innovate UK will be used to fund a feasibility study into the use of biomarkers to predict patient response to new and existing treatments.

The success of this study could pave the way to biomarker-stratified clinical trials and facilitate the discovery and development of more effective new treatments for immune-mediated diseases.

These studies will be carried out in collaboration with leading pharma companies active in IBD and will form the foundation of future studies with other pharma partners for PredictImmune.