Sanofi completes $2.5bn Synthorx acquisition

Sanofi completes $2.5bn Synthorx acquisition
Credit: pichetw

Sanofi has completed its $2.5 billion acquisition of Californian biotech, Synthorx, less than two months after the deal was first announced.

“The acquisition of Synthorx perfectly aligns with our R&D strategy, enhancing our position as an emerging leader in the area of oncology and immunology,” says Sanofi CEO Paul Hudson.

“We gain access to both great scientists and science with THOR-707, an engineered not-alpha IL-2 for the treatment of solid tumours which induces strong immunological responses in vivo, additional intriguing pre-clinical assets, and a powerful platform that complements our ongoing oncology and immunology research.”

With the deal concluded, Synthorx has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanofi.