Symbiosis invests £1.5m in sterile biologics manufacturing expansion

Symbiosis invests £1.5m in sterile biologics manufacturing expansion

Specialist sterile manufacturing and CMO, Symbiosis, has expanded its sterile biologics manufacturing facility in Sterling, Scotland.

Over the last twelve months, the company has invested over £1.5 million to expand the site, doubling its current footprint with an additional 8,000 sq ft of office space. It has also expanded its existing manufacturing space and its supporting services infrastructure.

The new operational area also provides additional capacity for GMP-compliant manufacturing services for improved supply chain management including additional temperature controlled storage and the company’s first automated labelling and packaging equipment.

“The additional space has allowed us to increase our headcount from 60 to 90 employees in line with both customer demand and our ongoing growth strategy,” said CEO Colin MacKay.

“The investment in the new facility is driven by the significant organic growth of the company as a result of its continued success in the niche market of sterile manufacturing of advanced therapeutic medicinal products (ATMPs) such as viral vector and other biopharmaceuticals –  our customer base has grown by more than 25% in 2019 alone.”

The expanded facility, which was recently completed and is now fully operational, has been part-funded by a successful Innovate UK grant from the UK Government aimed directly at  strengthening the UK’s viral vector biopharmaceutical drug development and manufacturing supply chain.