Synthace raises $25.6m to advance computer aided biology platform

UCLA Health accelerating medical research with cloud computing
Credit: Panchenko Vladimir

Synthace, the cloud software company specialist automating and improve the success rate of biological R&D, has raised $25.6 million in Series B funding to drive product development.

The funding round – led by Horizons Ventures – will also enable Synthace to build bolsters its  cell and gene therapy customer base to accelerate global awareness of its solutions.

Synthace specialises in Computer Aided Biology, a new paradigm that comprises two domains: the digital and the physical.

The digital, powered by artificial intelligence, includes software for designing and simulating biological systems, as well as methods of collating, structuring and analysing experimental data.

The physical, enabled by automation, includes systems that allow for the seamless transfer of biological designs into real ‘wet lab’ experiments via logistics simulation and execution.

“Digital-to-physical workflows have transformed the semiconductor, aerospace, automobile and many other industries,” said CEO Tim Fell.

“Now it is the turn of the biotechnology industry, and we are grateful for the support of Horizons Ventures and our other new investment partners who share Synthace’s vision of how to facilitate that change.”

Patrick Zhang, of Horizons Ventures, added: “We are at a pivotal point in the development and use of biotechnology.

“We believe that Synthace will lead the industry’s transition to Computer Aided Biology, owing to its truly disruptive and cutting-edge AI driven experiment design capability and experiment execution technology.”