Zelluna adds industry & academia veteran to board ahead of clinical launch

Zelluna adds industry & academia veteran to board ahead of clinical launch
Credit: Shutterstock.com/ Andrey_Popov

Norwegian biotech, Zelluna Immunotherapy, has added Immunocore founder, Dr Bent Jakobson, to its board as the company prepares for the clinical and expands on its T-cell receptor (TCR) technology.

“Zelluna is now preparing to enter its first TCR based cell therapy into the clinic to evaluate its potential to treat cancer patients worldwide. After appointing an experienced senior management team, Zelluna has also decided to further strengthen our board with deep international TCR therapeutic expertise,” said Hans Ivar Robinson, chair of the board of Zelluna.

“As the founder of multiple clinical stage, private and public TCR companies treating solid cancers, such as Immunocore, Adaptimmune and predecessor companies, Dr Jakobsen’s acceptance of our specific invitation to join the board at Zelluna will have a considerable impact on the development of the company its programs and technology.”

In his new position on the board, Dr Jakobson will assist in the final preparations for the forthcoming clinical entry in 2020 of Zelluna’s lead TCR, ZI-H04, targeting solid tumours in large patient populations.

He will also contribute to the development of the pipeline and expansion of the technology for Zelluna’s autologous TCR-T and allogeneic TCR-NK products that are targeting solid tumours.