Terms & Conditions

  1. The term ‘Publisher’ shall mean ‘Haychart Limited trading as Business Link Magazine Group’.
  2. The acceptance of advertisements for publication by the Publisher is upon the basis of these conditions alone, and no modification or amendment thereto shall bind the Publisher unless agreed in writing by the Publisher.
  3. The Publisher shall have, at its absolute discretion, the right to omit, suspend or change the position of any advertisement for insertion and whether or not a series order has been accepted and / or partly executed.
  4. The Publisher shall have, at its absolute discretion the right to make any alteration they consider necessary or desirable in any advertisement or to require any artwork or copy to be amended to meet their approval and whether or not a series order has been accepted and / or partly executed.
  5. The Publisher shall not be responsible or have any liability for error in the insertion of (or omission to insert) any advertisement or for any damage or loss of any drawings, photographs or other materials supplied for any purpose.
  6. Advertisement Instructions are only accepted by the Publisher on the clear understanding that unless specific written instructions are given layouts will be at the discretion of the Publisher. All copy must be supplied clearly typed or written. The Publisher shall not be held responsible for any errors arising out of ambiguities. Similarly the Publisher shall not be held responsible for any ambiguous or unclear instructions written on artwork supplied. Where preparation of advertisements is undertaken by the Publisher, then the Publisher reserves the right to make an additional charge at the appropriate rate and payment shall be conditional to the Publisher’s normal payment terms (see Section 14)
  7. A single printed proof or email shall be supplied as text proof. The Publisher shall not be held responsible for any corrections to the text proof which is not supplied in writing before the Publisher’s copy deadline. Changes to the text proof which are not corrections, but afterthoughts, will only be implemented if the schedule allows and may be subject to charge (see Section 4).
  8. All advertisement instructions shall be delivered to the Publisher by the stated copy deadline date printed on the acknowledgement. Such copy shall be subject to the Publisher’s approval (which shall not be unreasonably withheld). If such copy is not delivered within the agreed time or the Publisher reasonably withholds approval the Publisher shall have the right to produce the advertisement to the best of his abilities, and a text proof will be provided.
  9. The Publisher shall not be bound by notice of stop orders, cancellations or transfer advertisements received outside of the stated cancellation time. To cancel or suspend an advertisement in colour, four week’s notice is required and in case of mono advertisements three week’s notice is required in writing before publication date. The advertiser may cancel within seven calendar days of the date of acknowledgement (see Section 15).
  10. All discounted rates agreed by the Publisher in respect of a series of advertisements apply only if the order is completed in full within 12 months of the date of the first insertion. Failure to comply will require all advertisements forming part of the series to be charged at the Publisher’s non discounted rates set out in the rate card from time to time. If the Advertiser cancels the balance of an agreed programme of advertisements, it relinquishes any right to any pre-agreed series discount to which it was previously entitled and any other space such as editorial, advertorial, PSE’s, web banner advertisements. As such the advertisements and space forming part of such programme (both those published and those not yet published) will be paid for at the Publisher’s non discounted rate set out in the rate card – a copy of this is also available online.
  11. Control of quality is solely at the discretion of the Publisher. The Publisher undertakes to reproduce all transparencies and monotones to obtain the best possible result within limitations of the printing process using standard inks. Whilst printed to a high commercial standard, the reproduction of transparencies and monotones are not meant to be facsimile reproduction but rather an indication of the overall quality of the original.
  12. The Advertiser warrants that their published advertisement is not illegal,defamatory, an infringement of any other party’s rights or an infringement of the British Code of Advertising Practice and in the case of magazines produced outside of the UK that it complies with all applicable legal and/or regulatory requirements within the country of publication. The Advertiser will indemnify the Publisher fully in respect of any claim made against the Publisher arising from the advertisement. The Publisher will consult the Advertiser as to the way in which such claims are to be handled.
  13. The Publisher shall have the right at any time to change in whole or in part their conditions of acceptance of advertisements and their scale of advertising rates, and to apply such changes and increased rates to advertisements (series or otherwise) accepted and not wholly executed at the time of any such change.
  14. Payment of accounts shall be made within 14 days of tax point or, by prior agreement with the Publisher. Failure to adhere to this will render the Advertiser liable for the Publisher’s full rate card rate for the advertisement, which is shown on the order, and all discounts quoted on the order (and all related orders if a series) will no longer be applicable (see Section 10) Late payment of any invoice will render the whole account as falling due for immediate payment. The company also reserves the right to charge statutory interest at 8% above the Bank of England reference rate in force on the date the debt becomes overdue and at any subsequent rate where the reference rate changes and the debt remains unpaid, in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, along with compensation as set out by said Act.
  15. The Publisher will not be liable for any damage or loss caused or in any way arising out of late publication, non-publication or error in the publication of any advertisement.
  16. Every effort will be made to publish at the time specified, however, the publication date of an issue is subject to amendment / cancellation by the Publisher or to such variation as they may find necessary without notice.
  17. If no written correspondence is received within seven calendar days of Acknowledgement date, the Acknowledgement and its Conditions Of Acceptance herein will be deemed accepted. Any conditions stipulated in an advertisers order form or elsewhere by any agency or advertiser shall be void insofar as they are in conflict with the above conditions.
  18. These Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any dispute concerning these Conditions (including non-contractual disputes) shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts


Events and Exhibitions

The following terms and conditions apply for all Business Link events.

1. All sums quoted are exclusive of applicable value added tax and are payable without deduction on the specified dates.
2. Failure to pay any sums due by a specified date will permit the publisher to cancel this agreement by written notice to you and without refund.
3. The publisher reserves the right to cancel the event at any time in which case any payments already made by you will be refunded in full.
4. Changes to features of the event (including speakers and attendee numbers) may be necessary due to events outside our control and the Publisher therefore reserves the right to make any necessary amendments to the programme or content of the event.